Svašek Hydraulics has the following products:


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1. Wave and wind forecasts for a single location.
A wave and wind forecast for any location on earth can be obtained for free using an email interface.
All what the user has to do is sending an e-mail to
Normally within minutes a reply mail is sent that gives the forecast (3 hourly interval) for the coming 7 days of that specific site.
How to submit your request ? Click here to find out.

2. Wave and wind forecast along an anticipated route
In the same way as mentioned above the user can obtain information of the wave and wind conditions along his anticipated route.
This service is now (during this test phase) available for free. The user should also address an email to
Click here how to find out to send your request.

3. Online forecast system
For specific locations of interest online web-based predictions can be given 24 hours per day in a graphical environment. An example of wind and wave predictions around Curacao can be seen here.
Such a service is available for a limited fee.

4. Hindcast wave and wind data
Hindcast based on the global NOAA wave model are also available. This data consist of 13 years wave height, wave period, wind speed and wind direction data.
This data is however only available on request, against a limited fee.