Free wave forecast


Svašek Hydraulics provides free wave forecasts for the coming 7 days for almost all oceans and large seas of the world.
The forecasts are based on the global NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) wave model and are refreshed each 6 hours. The resolution of the NOAA model is 1 degree in North-South direction and 1.25 degree in East-West direction.
Click here to view the NOAA locations in Google Earth

Results from this prediction model (wind and waves) are now made available through e-mail for any required position or along an anticipated route. This service could be of interest for: porth authorities, offshore and dredging companies, oil companies, shipping, consultants and even for sailers or surfers.

The format of the prediction data is very straight forward and basic. Even for users with satellite phone connections the e-mails can be easily downloaded.

Hindcast based on the same model are also available. This data consist of 13 years wave height, wave period, wind speed and wind direction data.
For specific locations of interest online web-based predictions can be given 24 hours per day in a graphical environment.

Both services (hindcasts and online forecast system) are available for a limited fee.
For more information please contact Svašek Hydraulics.

More information about these products can be found on our product page or contact Svašek Hydraulics.

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